Monday, March 17, 2008


"Not moving as freely as is usual or desirable," that sounds like me after my long runs. Should I be this stiff? Heck, I don't know but I know that each long run I run a little further and that means I am getting closer to my goal.

Admittedly I have been slack lately with colds, flus, blizzards, etc. Any excuse to not get out there sometimes it feels like.

After this weekends 14 mile run though I know I have to stop missing runs. I want to get my speed workouts in and I need that medium run mid-week to try to reduce the amount of stiffness coming from my long run on the weekend.

Stretching certainly helps with the stiffness and is key to not getting too tight as the miles add up. I'll be doing more tonight (already have in some stretches this morning).

On another note, I hit the 250 km mark on the way to my 1000 km in 2008 goal. And I am only 2.5 months in. If I was to keep up this level of running I would hit 1200 km in 2008. Maybe that will be the stretch goal ;-)


Scott Parsons said...

In my opinion, if your goal is now for a marathon I wouldn't be doing speed workouts. Your goal is for distance. And I wouldn't want to be left behind. :)

But seriously, stick to distance running and staying uninjured and healthy. Running leaves you wide open for sickness.

I am getting sick every week. Usually 2 days after my long run. it's very frustrating and reminding me why I said I'd never train like this again.

Michele said...

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MT said...

Ya, way to make me motivated with tales of being sick all the time ;-)

Actually, the day after a long run I am usually grumpy as sin. The long run takes it out of me and I sometimes have like a phantom cold that comes for one day about 2 days after the long run.

Sounds like you have been running faster than me and you have always been faster (it is usually me watching you run off). Anyways, I want to get faster than my 10:20/mile on long runs, at the moment, or it will take forever to complete the marathon. Not sure if I want to be on my feet for 5 hours.

Scott Parsons said...

You did that half last year pretty fast man. 5 mins or so faster than I did. You won't have any worries about doing the big M in 4 hours.