Saturday, August 23, 2008

Finally, Some Progress

With my knee that is. First run in a long time that it is not aching too bad.

It took about 2 km before the ache came along but it was more of a lingering ache rather than a limp inducing sharpness. Hey, small victories.

Well, onto future news; I have a goal for next year. If the stars align then I will be entering the Paris Marathon which takes place April 5, 2009. That means about 6 weeks of training to get my base built back up, then training over the winter to get ready for the Marathon.

The Marathon training will be 26 weeks, so that means I start training October 6, 2008 for the April Marathon. (Again, I note for those asking how long it takes to run a Marathon. About 6 months, give or take a few hours at the end.)

Heck, with any luck (read, no injuries) maybe I will have enough planning and juice in the batteries to do the May Marathon in Ottawa as well. I'll wait and see on that one though.

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