Sunday, March 30, 2014

Movies I Have Never Watched and Don't Plan Too

Sometimes I hear about a movie that arouses my curiosity and I usually write it down to remember to check it out later. These are for those non-big budget movies.

Now sometimes I wanna watch a check your brain at the door blockbuster. That said, there are many of these movies I don't want to watch. Some are even for series or franchises that I loved as a kid but either grew out of or the trailers look so terrible I just skip it.

So, which movies have I not seen and feel strongly against enough that I never want to see them. Without further ado, here is stuff I consider trash without having even seen it.

  • Titantic
    • Ya, special effects. Ya, big name actors. Ya, James Cameron.
    • Don't care.
    • I almost saw it once when friends were watching it and I said, "What is this?" The reply, "Titantic." I turned around and walked out.
    • Not interested.
  • Transformers Movies
    • Not interested.
  • Anything from M. Night Shyamalan
    • When I watched The Sixth Sense, on opening weekend, and about 5 minutes, ok maybe 10 minutes into it (without knowing) I said to my friends sitting next to me, so Bruce Willis is a ghost, what's the big secret in this movie that they are talking about? That pretty much sealed the deal for me and Mr. Night movies. Noone around me was happy either, note to self, shut up in packed movie theatre.
    • Next movie was Unreakable and again, a movie that wanted to be good but was never set free from, "See, I am tricking you into thinking this is not a movie about what it is obviously about."
    • He fooled me twice into watching his movies, not again.
  • Anything by Tim Burton
    • I keep trying to like his stuff and it is technically masterful but I am not interested. If I see his name attached now I skip it.
    • What don't I like? It is just weird in a way that does not interest me weird. I like weird things, but not his style.
  • Twilight Series
    • Watched first 2 since my wife was into it. Hell, it had Vampires and Werewolves, what could go wrong.  Oh hell!
    • I could not bare the rest and never plan to watch them again. Ugh!
Almost made it on the list and would have before my kids got into it.

  • Harry Potter
  • Would not go see it on my own and unlike those adults that loved the book but they don't read books people. I do read books and this is about as interesting as watching paint dry.

  • Now, since having children I have read a little with my oldest. Opinion partially budged but I would never read it myself.

  • I will relent on this series and watch it only because my kids are interested. Besides that though, I normally just read on my phone when it is on.

  • That's all I can think of at the moment. I will append more when they come to mind.

    What do you dislike enough that you never plan to watch it?


    Unknown said...

    Unfortunately, most movies you would never watch, your kids will want to see. However, once I learned to stop nitpicking I can watch just about anything.

    I"ve seen all the Harry Potter (because of the kids..), I watched the transformers movies on my own because I loved them growing up. The transformers themselves, except for a few were great.. The actors, not so much. Next one won't have Shia and his annoying parents, so hopefully it will be the best one yet.

    Never liked any of Shyamalans stuff.

    Tim Burton because of the kids.

    Twilight because of the kids. They lost interested by the time it got to the last one.. I was tempted to watch it (for free on TMN) just to see how the story ended but haven't yet.

    I watch alot of stuff I normally wouldn't because I have the tv on in the background while i'm building armour. ;)

    Unknown said...

    Ya, I get roped into some stuff due to others (kids, wife, friends) but with the kids I have just taken to going to the other couch to have a nap, read a book, or catch up on social media/play games on my phone.

    I loved the Transformers as a kid as well but the trailers just looked like over the top crap to me. So I skipped the movies and then heard the reviews and figured I would pass and keep my memories from childhood unsullied by the big budget movie. That said, I will consider the reboot when they reboot it in another 5-10 years.

    Michele is a total, TV background type person and uses it in the background while she works on things. I used to find that hard but am getting better at it as I let the kids watch their movies while I read.