Saturday, December 29, 2007

8 Weeks To A 1/2

Today was the first long run of my training regime for a 1/2 Marathon on my Birthday.  It was a nice day (4 degrees Celsius), a little windy, but a good day to run.

Even when it's a good day to run it doesn't mean the mind is always willing.  That when you have to just put the mind aside, put on your running clothes and get out there.  That was today.

After a nice warm coffee during the ride to my Father-in-law's house, my wife dropped me off on the side of the road just as we entered Grandpa's community.  Brrrr...cold.

Ok, turn on the tunes with my Nike+ ipod and start running.  Today's music is Led Zeppelin's newly remastered "Mothership," which provides a nice steady beat for a good run.

Couple minutes in and getting warmer.  One of the benefits from a new snowfall is that snow adds a little cushion (if you don't mind the little slipping with each step).  Thankfully there was only about 4 centimeters on the ground, so my shoes are not getting wet.

53 minutes later and I've completed my first 10k in a few months.

By the way, you can follow along with my past 5 runs with the Nike+ applet to the right.  It may require you to download some plugins to work correctly.  Tell me what you think of the feature.

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