Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Just Keep Running

Some days you just don't want to run. Today for example. It was 10 degrees Celsius but with high winds. I did not want to do the treadmill again (boring) so it was outside or nothing.

So somewhat reluctantly I got changed and went out. As with many days when you don't really want to go out it was an awesome run. It is weird how when you think man I am not into it today, I don't want to run, and then you get out there and you fell awesome. You end up running 8 km (5 mile) and it feels like nothing. Like, hell I could do more.

These are the days that make it so worth running. The felling like you can run forever.

As per a request, I have added a tracker on the top right of the sidebar with the current status of the goal. I'll see if I can make it prettier some time later. Looking a little behind but that is because I am only counting the training miles I put in on my Nike + iPod. I did not use the chip for 13.2 km I have put in the last week as mentioned in an earlier post. I be playing some catchup this weekend with a 11.2 km (7 mile) run. Then I will only be 5 km off goal.

Of course if the chip tracking does no work out for some reason I will have to rethink this and just start using my totals from my training spreadsheet where I track my runs. For now though, I am hoping to use the Nike + iPod since I am also part of a Nike Challenge to run 1000 km in 2008.

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Scott Parsons said...

Just on this post I hope you do a marathon this spring. Because you just described the feeling I had at the end of the marathon for me. It was, "Oh my god I just ran that far and I feel like I can keep going." There was a sense of accomplishment in the fact that you had achieved something for the first time and felt it was almost easy. But, it's all in the training. If you are trained, it all goes right.