Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cross Training - Canadian Style

How hardy are Canadians?
  • We train outdoors in sub-zero temperatures.
  • We run races in the Arctic. (Not me though, I'm not that insane.)
  • We have snowshoe races in -18C and lower temperatures.
  • We have Winter Triathlons!!!
Baring some strange emergency (more teething from my 5 month old blowing away any semblance of a good nights sleep for a week, man you want cranky; ok let's not go there) I plan to do this years Winterlude Triathlon.

What is the Winterlude Triathlon?
  • Held Feb 7th, 2009 during Ottawa's Winterlude celebration.
  • A race combining an 8-km skate, 5-km ski and 5-km run
  • Your normal, less than ordinary Canadian Good Time.
Get more details at The Winterlude Triathlon.

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