Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ruptured Calf

I've seen the Sports Medicine Doctor and I have a ruptured calf muscle where two muscle meet. Apparently this is common in new runners (she said people running for under 10 years) as their body adapts to the stresses of running.

She figures that it will take about 6 weeks before I am running again. Until then, I start with massage, physio (including a strength training program and ultrasound), biking, and swimming as I recover. Goal of the rehabilitation will be to keep my fitness level and strengthen my leg muscles so that I am less susceptible to this injury again.

Massage starts today.

Physio starts Monday.

Biking starts tomorrow.

Swimming this weekend.

As my wife said, thank goodness this happened after the Marathon and not before. I agree, I am glad I completed that goal. Now I work on a new goal, rehabilitation. Not as cool maybe but necessary none the less.

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Scott Parsons said...

Really sorry to hear that man.
I am glad as well we were able to do the marathon before this happened.

Give us more details. Is there a physical change in the look of your calf? Are you limping? What's the pain like?