Monday, June 30, 2008

Cross Training or Tri-Training for Upcoming Races

Started swimming at the outdoor pool near work today. I got in 30 minutes, which was about 20 laps with short rests between some laps. Maybe 70% front crawl and the rest breast stroke.

It was a good workout and felt great. I was breathing hard and my muscles were tired all over.

I find swimming keeps me loose by loosening up tight muscles.

The pool is only 5-10 mins walk from my office so I can walk there, get in a swim, and get back during lunch.

Combining that with biking to work and my running I am considering another triathlon this year. I want to move up a level and try an Olympic distance, which involves:

  • Swim: 1.5 km (Yes, 1500 metres, since that sounds further to some)
  • Bike: 40 km
  • Run: 10 km

The only event I can find between now and enough reasonable training time is the Montreal Triathlon which fits my criteria or within driving distance and not so late I need a wet suit. Though it is on September 13 so it could be cool.

Anyways, just another thing I am thinking about. As well, I plan to run the Nike Human Race 10K on August 31, 2008. There is a 10K race in mid-August I may run which I would plan to run fast, where-as the Nike 10K I just plan to run as a training run, so no plan to go all out.

All this and a possible Half Marathon on September 21 for the Canadian Army Run.

As you can see, lots of plans that could all fit into my schedule depending on how demanding a new baby will be. So we will see how many of these I tick off in the next few months. They can all wait until next year ;-)

That said, the 1000km can't wait. Only 373 km left to go.

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