Wednesday, February 26, 2014

They Say It's Your Birthday, It's My Birthday Too, Yeah

Today is my birthday, let's not dwell, but here it is.
  • Once I used to read books or watch movies and think this speaks to me; Now I feel the characters are full of teen angst and are foolish.
  • Once I used to think I would know everything; Now I know I have forgotten more than I know.
  • Once I used to think my Dad could do anything; Now my kids think I can do anything; Now I know my Dad and I are just guys, making do the best we can.
  • Once I used to think old folks at work were jaded; Now I find myself reserving stories so that I don't sound jaded.
  • Once I thought I could fly if I ran fast enough and just jumped high enough; Then I read The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and realized it would be easier and less painful to just get a pilots license.
  • Once I used to strive to be less childish, I wanted to be an Adult yesterday; Now I strive to be more childlike, enjoy every day, and learn something new each day.
  • Once I joked in my High School yearbook that my favorite sport was indoor skydiving; A couple months ago I went indoor skydiving.
  • Once I used to think I would be fine being a bachelor my whole life; Then I meet my beautiful wife, we had 2 awesome kids, and I get to wake up each day wondering what adventures we will get into today.
  • Once I used to think 40 was old; Today I feel as young as I was when I was 20, with a little more wisdom, a lot less hair, and without that godforsaken vest.
Here's to 40.

Me at 6 months
4th Birthday in a chair
I received and my
boys use today

Age 10, School pic
Age 20, Rocking the
Christmas vest

Age 25, Riding Bauline, Newfoundland
Age 30, Cycling the MS Bike Tour,
Ottawa to Kemptville, Ontario

Finally, Me at 39
Cycling with Finn
Moustached with Penny and the Boys

Snowflake Lane on Harrison's Birthday

Daniel's Broiler, At the Top of Bellevue, Chrsitmas

And of course, my high school (joke) dream, Indoor Skydiving:

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