Saturday, August 8, 2015

Hackathon: Writing a Microsoft Band App In One Weekend - Update 2

Update 2: Stroke Counter First Pass

I imported a sample set I collected of a simulated kayak sitting on the deck. Then I wrote a PaddleCounter class that I can feed accelerometer into. The class calculates the stroke count as it processes the incoming accelerometer data.

This data then needs to be displayed in the awesome UI I cooked up on a budget. Ok, it never cost me anything and it shows, but you get the picture.
As we can see a couple new features are slipping in. I figure I should track Heart Rate and average Heart Rate for the session. I am also going to collect calories burned and compare that later to calorie burn estimates to see if it is reliable. But I will hook those up later this weekend.

Collecting Samples During a Session

I decided to go with NSNotifications to send out stroke updates from the PaddleCounter class. So, when the PaddleCounter detects a stroke it will send a notification that the main ViewController can then use to display the stroke change.

Testing the Stroke Counter

I want to make testing the stroke counter as easy as possible. I plan to collect different samples and track the number of strokes. Then algorithm development will go like this:
  1. Feed my samples into the stroke counter algorithm.
  2. Compare what it dumps out with the expected number of strokes.
  3. Tweak algorithm, rinse, repeat.
My first stroke counter at about 1 AM sucked and came out with terrible results. What to do?

Charting the Samples

Ok, I was trying to eyeball the samples and hence it was hard to track the trends. So, I need to chart these samples to better understand the data I am getting.

Before I try to rewrite the stroke counter I am puttingthe samples on a chart. For this I am going to use ios-charts by Daniel Cohen Gindi to draw my sample set so I can look for trends.

Here's the new UI with the raw data in the chart and then a zoom in on section:
Samples with Default Zoom

Samples Zoomed In

Ok, now it's time to go hit the water and collect some real samples.

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