Friday, August 7, 2015

Harkathon: Writing a Microsoft Band App in One Weekend

My wife and kids are out of town for the weekend so what's a geek to do? Hold a Markathon of

A Markathon? That's just a Hackathon with a Mark.

What type of App should I create? I've decided I want to learn Machine Learning but I want to be practical and start small so I am going to create a simple stroke counter app for kayaking. For this I will do basic calculations to create the stroke counter. For this weekend the goal to lay the groundwork to do more complex analysis of strokes. 

With this weekends Markathon my goals are:
  • Build a harness to collect sensor data.
  • Be able to export sensor data during a workout from the Microsoft Band to a CSV (Comma Separated Value) format.
  • Collect some Kayaking sample data.
  • Crunch the data and create a basic stroke counter.
  • Create an app front end for the stroke counter.
  • Prep the app for Test Flight.
  • Find some testers who want to try out a stroke counter for the Microsoft Band.
I will post throughout the weekend as I complete stages. Follow along and feel free to tweet me if you have questions.

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