Saturday, January 4, 2014

Mountain Bike Race: Stinky Spoke

Today I got invited to the Stinky Spoke Mountain Bike Race.

Ok, let's do an inventory.

  • Out of shape: Check
  • 1 Mountain Bike Ride in past 6 months: Check
  • More than one Mountain Bike Ride in past 6 months: Nope
  • Race includes a large vertical gain: Check
  • Past years have seen snow (I know, like really, snow in Seattle, who'd have thunk it), sleet, rain: Check
Ok, let's do it.

Now, how to maximize my training for a race in, did I forget to mention, 14 days!  Yes, January 18, 2014.

Well, tonight I am doing squats and kettle bell to put my legs in pain.  Then tomorrow running.

Then I will figure out the rest the next two weeks as I attempt to not finish in last place :-)

Let's rough this plan out:
  1. Sat: Strength Training (Kettle Bell, Squats, Lunges)
  2. Sun: Run
  3. Mon: Ride
  4. Tue: Swim
  5. Wed: Ride
  6. Thur: Run
  7. Fri: Ride
  8. Sat: Run
  9. Sun: Strength Training (Kettle Bell, Squats, Lunges)
  10. Mon: Ride
  11. Tue: Swim
  12. Wed: Run
  13. Thur: Ride
  14. Fri: Easy Run
  15. Sat: RACE!!
That's looks crazy compared to my last 6 months of "training."

How far?  How long?  Heck if I know, let's wing it with 40 mins for runs, 45 mins for swims, 1 hour for rides, and 20 mins of strength training.

I will report back here with progress.

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