Sunday, June 15, 2014

Weekly Roundup: June 9 - 14

This week I crafted a training plan for the Beat The Blerch race I will be running in September. Expect a post next week on that.

The rest of the week was planning a fishing trip I did yesterday. I took my oldest son about 2 hours from Seattle to fish on the Yakima river. We had a good time, camped along the Teanaway River and fished 3 spots on the Yakima with no luck. Fly Fishing is not the easiest sport, that is for sure. But we tried to become one with the river without getting too wet.

  • I had a run-in with a very talkative grocery cashier that was shocked at the number of vegetables we eat. A side note, our afterschool tutor/nanny for our kids can not believe the number of vegetables our kids eat. She has to plead with them to eat their protein. That's our boys!

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