Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Year of Living Iron

Ok, here's the idea (proposed by my buddy, The Hiking Man). Take my 1000km of running, add the equivalent amount of swimming and biking as per the ratios for an Ironman. Complete it in a year and then you have The Year of Living Iron.

What would this entail. Well an Ironman has the following distances:
  • 3.9km Swim
  • 180km Bike
  • 42.2 km Run
The Year of Living Iron would be:
  • 93km Swim
  • 4266km Bike
  • 1000km Run
Some rough calculations would result in the following numbers for me to complete this in a year:
  • Swim: 47 hours, let's say 1/2 per day, so 93 days
  • Bike: 152 hours, let's say 1 hour a day, broken into 2 (morning/evening) bike commutes for 152 days to complete this
  • Run: We know that one, about 3 runs a week or 168 days of running, about 100 hours in total.
So, is it possible? Yes. What would the hardest part be? For me, getting to the pool for 47 hours and fitting bike commuting + Preschool drop-offs for my boys. The running is a no brainer, that one I have fit in.

An interesting idea non-the less. I will keep this one in my back pocket for another year.

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