Monday, June 30, 2008

Cross Training or Tri-Training for Upcoming Races

Started swimming at the outdoor pool near work today. I got in 30 minutes, which was about 20 laps with short rests between some laps. Maybe 70% front crawl and the rest breast stroke.

It was a good workout and felt great. I was breathing hard and my muscles were tired all over.

I find swimming keeps me loose by loosening up tight muscles.

The pool is only 5-10 mins walk from my office so I can walk there, get in a swim, and get back during lunch.

Combining that with biking to work and my running I am considering another triathlon this year. I want to move up a level and try an Olympic distance, which involves:

  • Swim: 1.5 km (Yes, 1500 metres, since that sounds further to some)
  • Bike: 40 km
  • Run: 10 km

The only event I can find between now and enough reasonable training time is the Montreal Triathlon which fits my criteria or within driving distance and not so late I need a wet suit. Though it is on September 13 so it could be cool.

Anyways, just another thing I am thinking about. As well, I plan to run the Nike Human Race 10K on August 31, 2008. There is a 10K race in mid-August I may run which I would plan to run fast, where-as the Nike 10K I just plan to run as a training run, so no plan to go all out.

All this and a possible Half Marathon on September 21 for the Canadian Army Run.

As you can see, lots of plans that could all fit into my schedule depending on how demanding a new baby will be. So we will see how many of these I tick off in the next few months. They can all wait until next year ;-)

That said, the 1000km can't wait. Only 373 km left to go.

Nike+ Profile

I've added my Nike+ Profile in the right content bar. It shows my total logged distance, average pace overall, etc. If you want to add one and are a Nike+ user you can grab the code from the "Edit" user settings and then choose "Share My Profile."

First Run be running again. I got my first run in in over two weeks this past Sunday. I went out for 30 minutes, covering 5km.

I took my son who had fun as well, though he is bit of a hard coach. He got upset when I stopped to have some water at the turn around point. He wanted to go faster he told me. Just like his Dad ;-)

During the run, the right calf felt fine. It feels fully recovered. The left knee which has been giving me some trouble for 2 months now was still weak. So, I plan to work on that to try and strengthen the knee and my legs overall.

Monday, June 23, 2008

I Can Start Running Again

Plan is to get back to running tomorrow with my first run in two weeks. Chiro went well and worked out the main pain in my calf. I followed that up with Physio, suggested by my Doctor, which has been working to rehabilitate the muscle and strengthen it for running.

Physio has consisted of some basic stretches that I have to hold for 2 minutes per leg. As well, there have been one legged calf extensions done on the stairs. I also have to do two legged leaps/hops, one legged hops, one legged balancing on a squished balance ball, and cycling (though the cycling is done first as a way to warm up and get the legs a little tired before stressing them with the other exercises).

I was at Physio tonight and there is no pain in the left leg. It is still a little weaker but another week and that should be fine. Hence, I can start running again.

I can't wait to get on the road again. It feels like so long without running but it has only been one month since the Marathon with a few runs in between recovery and injury.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Not So Bad? Maybe

Ok, so I wanted to be sure I got two opinions and honestly I figured my calf was pretty toast after it popped. The Sports Medicine Doc thinks it is a rupture and I will be going back in 3 weeks for a follow up. I am still going to Physio next week since I want to work out a recovery program including exercises and any ultra-sound therapy that might help.

Now all that said, I also had an appointment yesterday with my usual Sports Therapy Chiropractor. He immediately said he did not think it was a rupture since a rupture would lead to bruising, swelling/inflammation. He asked if he could take a look (with his fingers) and see what he found.

I worked around my calf pinpointing the pain and said that he thought it was scar tissue that had torn. This is the same leg he had been working on before the race due to it's cramping at around 30 km.

He asked me if I could go up on my one leg. On both yes, on the left yes, but on the right no (not without extreme pain). When I say no, I mean I could not go up on my right leg because of the pain and the fact it felt like I had no muscle strength in the muscle that runs right on the back of the leg between the ankle and the 2 big calf muscles mid-way up your leg. So he went to work.

One round of working on the scar tissue and I could still not go up on my leg (go up meaning lift up on my tip-toes). A second round and voila I could lift up on my toes again. He did some more work, worked the other tight calf muscles and then some laser therapy. I am still investigating the laser therapy so I will get back to that later.

So, all that said. He thinks my recovery should be about 3 weeks and I will be recovery running sooner. Basically, once the pain subsides I should be able to start very slow runs and work up again.

Time will tell. For now, I am sticking to the recovery plan and getting some strengthening exercises from the physiotherapist.

As well, for the muscle related injuries I am sticking to the Sports Therapy Chiropractor. He has gotten me through a lot so far and continues to amaze me with his ability to address whatever hurdle my body throws at me.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ruptured Calf

I've seen the Sports Medicine Doctor and I have a ruptured calf muscle where two muscle meet. Apparently this is common in new runners (she said people running for under 10 years) as their body adapts to the stresses of running.

She figures that it will take about 6 weeks before I am running again. Until then, I start with massage, physio (including a strength training program and ultrasound), biking, and swimming as I recover. Goal of the rehabilitation will be to keep my fitness level and strengthen my leg muscles so that I am less susceptible to this injury again.

Massage starts today.

Physio starts Monday.

Biking starts tomorrow.

Swimming this weekend.

As my wife said, thank goodness this happened after the Marathon and not before. I agree, I am glad I completed that goal. Now I work on a new goal, rehabilitation. Not as cool maybe but necessary none the less.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Calf Pull

As if it was not obvious, I pulled my right calf muscle today. I am booking appointments to see a Sports Massage Therapist and a Sports Doctor so I can get on track with recovery.

The warning signs were there, my calf was getting tight during my track run this morning. I started with running 10 minutes at an easy pace to warm-up (maybe not easy enough). Then we started into our work out which was challenging but not hard.

Thinking back, I have started doing lower leg strengthening exercises this past week. They have resulted in some stiff legs and I don't always stretch afterwards since they seem fairly easy, though as I said I get tight afterwards.

My calf muscles were also giving me troubles leading into the Marathon with lots of tightness. I was having them worked pretty hard leading up to race day. Afterwards everything seemed fairly good and I figured hey slowly coming back up to speed should be ok.

Well ok, lesson learned, take it easier than the easy I was taking it for the entire month after a Marathon.

Now to figure out how long this is going to set me back as I rehabilitate my calf. Looks like I'll be getting some extra swimming and biking (once it is ok) in.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Getting Back At It

I have begun training again. Currently, there is no hard and set plan, just running at a reduced intensity for shorter distances as my left knee recovers from the Marathon. My legs felt very good after the race but my first two runs out I have had a twinge in my left knee.

I went fairly easy in my training routine for the Marathon. It being my first, I wanted to finish but did not want to train too hard for fear of injury.

This next training phase I plan to go back to more of my normal training routine. Running a little harder, doing speed work at the track, performing regular strength training, and making sure to get in 2 cross training sessions a week.

So far the goals for this upcoming summer are to find a way to continue training once my new son arrives (due date in 3 weeks), train for a sub-45min 10k in mid-August, and depending on how life with the new baby goes, either run a 1/2 marathon or a full marathon in the fall (plan being to train for the full and if that seems unrealistic, do a half).

Well, I am back in the shoes and running, so the updates should be a little more frequent as I continue training and chipping away at my 1000km in 2008 goal.

Standing at just over 600km in 6 months, will I be able to continue that mileage throughout the year to hit 1200km? Time will tell.