Sunday, February 20, 2011

Preparing For Sale

Been a crazy weekend. In the last 24hrs I have been violently ill with food poisoning, picked up paint supplies for our painter that start yesterday, and filled one side of my garage with stuff to give away or throw out.

Just another fun filled day getting ready to leave my frozen homeland for milder climes in Washington state.

The house prep work is going well. Selling a house is probably easier in a sense when you are also moving to a new city, country, job (for my wife), and need to down size what you are taking with you.

Part of our big move is that we must inventory everything we own and assign a replacement value to it. This is for insurance purposes. Hence, you can tell that we are motivated to count less and throw out more. I mean really, if I have not used some of this stuff since we moved in here 6 years ago, is there really a chance I am going to be needing it when we settle in our new home? Nope, thought not.

Our first house showing to a prospective buyer is tomorrow. This came about due to word of mouth which is cool. Let's hope the fact our house is in a shambles since half of it is in a state of being painted, just painted, or about to be painted.

At least the house is clean and less cluttered by the minute.