Friday, June 22, 2012

Xcode 4, I love you but why do you treat me this way?

When you work on legacy systems (ya, I am calling 10.5 and 10.6 legacy, get over it) you have to work with older dev tools.  So, using Xcode 4 has been something I have only done occasionally in my spare time and when writing prototype code.

Production has been Xcode 3.x until recently.

Sweet, I get to go to the new (ok old) hotness.  So Xcode 4.3.3 we meet.

As first, there were some early courtship fumbles as we got to know each other.  But now I feel like we've been together for a few months, I know where you like to store your derived data, and you know I a fanatic about build clean, build.

But why do you have to keep springing these crazy fits on me.  I mean I try simple things and you just disappear.  Sometimes a simple, sorry, I'll try again is not enough.

Sometimes I have to say, ok, let's start over baby.  I'll just reboot and then it will be like we just met again for the first time.


it's not the first time.

You have a memory like an elephant.

Why just tonight when I opened a project in the wrong folder (it's my Perforce workspace I am using as the backing store for my git-p4 repo, don't ask) you just wouldn't let it go?  I mean, I know, I am sorry.  I said p4 instead of git.  WRONG FOLDER!  My fault!  Let it go!

Then to mess with me, after I restart again, you open the wrong project again without my noticing.  I know, the name was git not p4.  So you get even by launching the git version underneath the p4 version; with the windows aligned perfectly.

What's a guy have to go to get you to forget my mistake?

It's ok, I didn't mean it.

Let me restart you again.