Monday, April 14, 2008

Battling Cramping

Well the legs are still tight. Calfs and lower leg of my right leg mainly, with a little tightness in the left and in the left hamstring still.

Two weekends ago I was supposed to run 18 miles but could only get 14.5 miles running before I had to walk. In total 16.7 miles but I was a little let-down by my lower right leg packing it in. It was so painful, the muscles so tight, it hurt to run on it but not walk.

Ten this past weekend I had planned to do 20 miles. Well, as with many plans that did not happen. This time I made it further running but at 15.5 miles (after many stretching breaks along the way) my lower right leg was so tight and in pain that I could not put weight on it for a few minutes. I just stood there massaging my leg and then after a couple minutes, I started walking.

At 16.1 miles my wife arrived to rescue my limping ass and bring me home for some rest and recuperation. Today I am still hobbling and all I can say is thank the lord for an elevator at work. I can go up with some pain but coming down stairs is not for the weak of heart.

It's to the sauna tonight for some heat and stretch. I am stretching twice a day and trying my best to nurse these tight muscles.

I still hold out hope that with 6 weeks to go I can hit my distance target of 20 miles without pain (at least without pain to the point of hobbling me). I figure this is a soft tissue problem and with the right steps I can keep on track for the marathon. If not, c'est le vie. I will register for another and continue to ramp up the body.

You never know what your body is going to do and how it will react. You can have the best intentions mentally and be totally dialed into a goal. But if the body is not willing you have to respect that. Hopefully, I am giving my body enough respect.

Time will tell.


Scott Parsons said...

With so much training lost for me due to illness, I doubt I can complete the marathon, but i'll run as far as I can with you. Hey i can at least run 1/4 the way with you which is a crutial period for keeping a moderate-low pace. I will be your coach to "keep it slow"!!!

Are you starting your runs really slow?? You should be going very slow for the first mile or 2. Then a very easy pace. You want the distance, forget any idea of pace.

Maybe leave your watch behind next time.

Ken said...

Sound like Scott knows you and your too fast starts :)

That said, I think you should take a full week off to let your body heal. I suspect the rest will do you more good than any regression from not training.

It works for me anyways.

Scott Parsons said...

Ken, you running the marathon too?

MT said...

I shortened my mid-week run last week and this week I plan to shorten it again. As well, I am taking todays run at a slower pace. Not running is not always the answer. Running at a slow pace is better since it brings blood to the injured muscles and helps them to recover.

Stretching, reduced distance, reduced effort, and cross training are what I have read is the best way to deal with this. Thankfully my knees are not hurting. It is just muscle based.

Ken said...

Not me, my keens could never hold up for that distance. I'm training for a bike tour this summer.

If it's just muscle based maybe you could take a look at your diet? In particular your weekly water intake?