Thursday, March 3, 2011

PlayBook App

Well, my first PlayBook app is in development. I am going to write it using the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK which boils down to; I am writing a web app. I don't know the latest web technologies to save my life so this should be a good experiment to see how easy it is to develop something.

I've found two Javascript libraries to help me along the way and handle a large portion of the work I need for this app. Now I just need to do the gluing and get to work on getting something running in two weeks.

I will be doing a PlayBook Hackathon in 2 weeks and I want to be able to demo the app at the end of the event so I am taking my experience from my last Hackathon and going into this one with the basics of the app laid out. Then at the Hackathon I can get some advice on any areas that are giving me trouble.

Expect some further posts as I progress and once I get the demo completed.

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