Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Microsoft Band Kit: Swift Samples for iOS

I just finish posting the latest Swift ports of the Microsoft Band Kit SDK Samples for iOS. You can find the original Objective-C samples at http://developer.microsoftband.com/.

My ports can be found at:


Unknown said...

Mark - Have you seen issues subscribing to the contact sensor in iOS? I am doing this in Swift and I am unable to return results when using this sensor. All other sensors work ask expected in my code. Any help would be appreciated!

Unknown said...

Currently, the sensor contact returns state changes only. So if the band is on or off the wrist it will not send an event until the state changes, that is, the band is removed or put back on.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark, I'm very new to Swift and the Microsoft band. Is it possible to pair the iOS Simulator to a physical Microsoft Band?

Unknown said...

Hi Lauren,

No, it is not possible to pair the iOS Simulator to a physical Microsoft Band. You need to run on a real iOS device.


Jon said...
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Rubén Fernández said...

I'm currently trying to use the BandSensorSwift but with swift 2.0 and i am not able to correct all the errors that appear. Also, do you know how can i fetch the value of the heart rate sensor? Thanks

Unknown said...

I just converted the latest (Dec 22, 2015) Microsoft Band Kit for iOS BandHeartRate sample over to Swift 2.1. As I have time I will look at converting others but for now I have only converted the Heart Rate sample.

The new sample is called BSwiftHeartRate. Direct link is here: https://github.com/mthistle/MicrosoftBandKit_iOS-Swift2.2/tree/master/BandSensor/BSwiftHeartRate

Let me know if it works for you.

I just built and compiled it with Xcode 7.2.1.

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