Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Goal

It was a good year for running for me.  I completed my first 1/2 Marathon (21.3km=13.1mile) and ran about 500km in total.  That's the good part.

I did hit a slump after my 1/2 Marathon and pretty much didn't lace up the sneakers for about 3 months (July to September).   So the goal is to come up with something that keeps me on track with running for the entire year.  

The solution, 1000km in a year.  That's just a doubling of my 2007 milage for 2008.  2008 being a leap year, this works out to 2.733km/day in 2008 (hence the name of the blog).

Now, I don't expect to actually run each day since I will be training for at least one 1/2 Marathon, amongst other goals that come up.  But at only 19.31km per week this should be very doable with my current running regime.

Let's see how the journey goes.

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