Friday, March 21, 2008

The Never Ending Flu

I have been trailing my son by about one week with his flu that we thought was done. Last weekend he got stomach sick again but we thought it was just an upset tummy. In the kids are cute category, he told us "I've got bees in my tummy."

Wednesday night I got bees in my tummy and knew it was either a new flu or the continuation of the one we just fought off. I was up from 1am-6am...well I will spare you the details.

So another week that I missed my mid-week run due to illness. Thursday was not much better, stomach sick, not eating, and massive headache.

Today, it was finally all passed and I felt like a million bucks. After spending the morning cleaning the house and playing I got out for a tempo run (a run with 1 mile intervals of speed) which was great. I felt awesome to be out and to be running again (last run being Monday).

I still have a long run (16 mile = 25.6 km) this weekend. Not sure if I am going to tackle that tomorrow or Sunday. I'll see how I feel in the morning and then decide if tomorrow will be the long run.

As the distances get higher and with the paths (I run normally in the spring/summer/fall) covered in ice and snow, I am finding it harder to find interesting (and safer) routes to tackle at these longer runs. It sucks running along roads but it's all I can do when I hate running on the treadmill.


Ken said...

You are a better man than me sir. According to my tranining schedule I should have done 50km this week. I think I've done about 5. I guess I'll have to turn to the hated stationary bike until our roads grow shoulders.

MT said...

Had a 16 mile run planned for this weekend but been run down and I did a hard 7 mile on Friday. That added up with the time to do 16 mile and I had to cut it short at 9 mile. Not a total loss though since I am in a lower millage week as I recover for my first 18 mile run in two weeks.

You must mean a 50km bike ride? Do you need a loan of a wind trainer for at home? I am not using mine currently. Then you can turn up the TV loud and ride while you watch. It wears down your back tire though so best to use with an old smooth tire.