Tuesday, April 29, 2008

First Bike To Work

I had to drop off the car this morning for an oil change and to get the tires changed. Michele had an early morning meeting so I decided I would bike to work from the garage (after dropping Harrison off at daycare).

So, first day I decide to ride and here is how it went:

  • Last night realize I won't have room for the bike in the car so put the roof rack on at 10:30 (My usual bed time).
  • Slice two of my fingers open with copious amount of blood from my thumb. Not sweet!
  • Ok got the roof rack done, now pack for the ride.
  • Morning comes, repack since it is only 2C out and windy and oh ya it looks like it might rain.
  • Ok, start the ride from the garage, it is windy.
  • SWEET!!! It's bloody snowing out. SNOWING!@!!
  • HEARTATTACK!!! Oh, thank the heavens those two Rottweillers who want to eat me are chained to some heavy stakes. Eck!
  • Ahhh the snow has stopped...now it is raining.
  • Hmmm...should have worn warmer socks...can't feel my toes.
  • Fingers getting numb. I guess I should have worn the winter biking gloves, not the mountain bike gloves.

Finally, I am at work....mmmm coffee.

Overall a good first ride to work. I got my heart pumping and I saved a few bucks gas for one day ;-)

Back to coffee.

Almost forgot, did I mention? I am going running at lunch time today. Here's hoping that +11 high is reached by noon, though I am not holding my breath.

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