Sunday, August 31, 2008

The 10 km Human Race

It is done!!  I just ran a 10 km (first one in a long time) which was part of the Nike 10km Human Race.  What is that you ask?

The Nike 10km Human Race was held today, August 31, 2008, around the world at select race venues and wherever Nike iPod+ runners run.  You see, their goal was to get as many people in the world to run 10km on the same day.  At last count, I saw that over 4 million kilometres had been run by runners all over the world, and I got to be 10 km of those.

They are hyping it as a historic event, but then for those that have no idea it is happening and who are not runners, it means nothing.  For me, it is a pretty cool idea and I am glad I was able to run it and be part of running history.

On another note about historic events; my buddy Ken just completed his ride across Canada from Vancouver to St. John's.  I think it is historic since how many people have ridden across Canada?  Each one should be named somewhere.  I think each person that does is a huge motivation to each of us that strive to reach for our dreams.

Congratulations Ken!!  I can't wait to hear the stories of hardship and "companionship" when you get back.

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Ken said...

Thanks man. Jeff was talking about a get together soon for people who want to hear the story.