Sunday, October 12, 2008


Yes, I slipped off the wagon for almost 2 weeks. I took a decided break from running before I start the big step of planned runs as I train for the marathon.

What caused me to take a break? iPhone development. As most who know me can attest, I have lots of ideas and for iPhone apps I am not short of ideas; I'm just short of time. So, in place of running the past two weeks I was spending my time working on code.

So far, my first app is coming along well. I have a lot of the app laid out and ready for the hooks to be implemented for the buttons. Art work is a big issue and will slow down most development as I work on the icons, backgrounds, and for some apps, the sprites used. As well, I have a few ideas that will take some research to develop the text.

So, now I am trying to balance running with iPhone development while work is starting to ramp-up. Not to mention the daily demands that we all face (home maintenance, family time, etc).

Going to be a busy few months before I take parental leave in April and run the Marathon.

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