Thursday, April 3, 2014

Considering a Trip to Chitwan, Nepal

Image: Habitat for Humanity
Michele and I are considering a volunteering trip with Habitat for Humanity to build houses in Chitwan, Nepal. Yes, we have reached that point where we want to combine do gooding with a trip. It won't be a vacation as much a growth experience.

We are unsure if we can fit this in and the logistics since we can not take our two boys. Children must be 16 or older which are boys are not.

So, we have to figure out how to have the kids taken care for 2 weeks while we wander off to Nepal to spend a week building homes with Habitat for Humanity and then take about 3 days to tour. The rest of the time is taken up with just travel days.

We are still not convinced this is a good idea. The trip is in November 2014 and we have to sign up soon.

My biggest concerns are:

  • How will we get the boys taken care of?
  • What if something goes wrong at home with the kids?
  • What if something goes wrong in Nepal?
  • And many more.
Have you ever considered travelling without the kids for an extended time? How did it go? We have gone for 4 days before and that was great but this is 2 weeks.

Have you ever gone on a volunteering trip like this? How did it go?

Have you ever worked with Habitat for Humanity? How was that?


Philippe said...

Hey, Mark!

While we didn't go to Nepal, we did leave the kids at home for about 10 days back in 2008 so they were... 13, 13 and 8. We went to California for a week, and spent time hiking in Yosemite valley.

At the time, their Grandma stayed at our home for the time, and that worked well. They were in school, so some attention was needed because of schedules and stuff, but it all went really well.

Before we left we made sure that Grandma knew where all the health cards were, and we also left a letter giving her power-of-attorney in our absence, just in case.

We also made sure our will was in order, just in case. Stupid things happen.

Other than that, we had a blast, and it was our first time away from the kids in 13 years!

Unknown said...

Hi Philippe.

The Power-Of-Attorney and wills is a good point. I have not updated those for the US recently. I must look into that.

We did do a shorter 4 day trip about 4 years back. We did a similar, over 2 school days so the routine was already set and made it easier for my parents.

Thanks for the ideas.