Friday, July 3, 2009

An App For The Masses

Well, after much debate, note taking, idea jotting, use case outlines, and driving my friends and family mad, I have something that is non-game related and would be really useful. I don't want to release the idea since I take so long to get coding done but needless to say it is an any-person app.

So what am I doing to move forward? I've downloaded the latest OS updates, downloaded and played with the unit testing example (I am a strong believer in TDD, Test Driven Development), and tonight I am attempting to get Boost 1.39 compiled for iPhoneOS 3.0.

Why use Boost? It is a C++ library which one can think of as extending the C++ STL with lots of really useful data structures and algorithms. I plan to use some of Boost heavily and want to design much of the engine (for lack of a better term) for my app on something that has a better chance of being portable to over platforms. This way, if the app takes off it will be easier to extend it to over mobile platforms.

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