Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ottawa Based Mac Programmer Collective...coming soon

We will code in the coffee shops, at home and in our car...

We will code as a group or alone....

We will ship in 3 weeks....

Yes, I am working on a new iPhone App as part of the launch of a new Programmer Collective that is launching in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada). The name of the collective will be released soon, as will our new app.

Some details about the collective:
  • We are a group of local Ottawa devs that are coming together under a common banner.
  • We will continue to release software as individuals and the occasional group effort.
  • We code for the Mac, iPhone and are Cocoaheads.
  • We share resources (books, web hosting, blog hosting, code hosting, etc).
  • We share code, ideas, advice, and moral support.

Keep your eyes peeled, the curtain will be raised soon.


Spkr099 said...

I like the sounds of this! I wonder who's all in this collective!

Unknown said...

I was wondering the same thing!