Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Need a New Car

Our car lease ends next month and I need a new car. Buying a car is something I dread, mostly because I hate dealing with dealers. I want to test drive a bunch of cars before I make a decision but they make it such a high pressure proposition.

What type of car do I want? Well, let's not go there, I will never spend the kind of money on a car that I want. I look at cars as a necessary evil and as such I want to spend the least amount on them as possible while having something enjoyable to drive.

Here are my requirements:
  • 4 doors (Hatchback preferred)
  • Bluetooth for hands free calls and audio
  • Some pep (not a race car) so that the car is not sluggish
  • Good gas mileage
That's it.

So, now I start the spreadsheet and begin comparing lease/purchase prices. Then drive a couple and wee, new car.

Regarding the lease, I know this is a contentious issue for some (it was for me, I hated the idea of a lease). When you move countries (at least to the US) you have no credit history and as such can not get a loan or a lease. Microsoft has that covered for employees (my wife) relocating to the US and as such we could get a lease from a select number of car dealerships in the Redmond region. So, we got a lease, the other option being to buy a car with cash (ya, like sure, no problem).

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Unknown said...

Making a spreadsheet and comparing stuff is actually a good way of figuring out the best deal amongst your choices. Just be on the lookout for things such as hidden charges and penalties, in case something suddenly doesn't add up. Good luck!

Lydia Piscioneri @ Credit Group Australia