Friday, September 19, 2014

Writing a Software Development Agreement

Now that the word has gotten out that I am contracting, I have had interest from friends and associates in doing "small" apps (iOS and web) for them. That's cool but I know very little about running a business and writing software for others is a business.

Currently I am contracting through a large contracting firm and so I have not had to deal with writing contracts or the business side of contracting. With the number of enquires I have fielded, I figured it was time I drafted a Software Development Agreement template that I can use for projects I consider taking on myself.

Being a developer for many years, I know that Software Development is hard. What do I mean? I mean that turning an idea into a finished product is hard. Delivering something that matches the original concept is hard, but we can make it easier. We make it easier by capturing requirements, agreeing on a process for change requests, and iterating on the design with frequent check-ins with the client to verify we are on track with the vision (the Agile way).

That said, business is business and I need something in writing that a client and I can use as our guide for how to deal with delivery, changes, intellectual property rights, compensation, and the other details we as developers seldom think of.

So, I did a few searches and here are some links I used as a guide.
I took what I liked from each and dropped some stuff I was not in favour of. I am not truly happy with this format yet, I would like to write something a little more free flowing but this is a good start.

Take a look at my Software Development Agreement and see what you think. Also, remember, if you have been reading along here, I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one in real life or on TV. So, talk to a real lawyer if you want real contract advice.

Anything I should drop?

Anything you think is missing?

-- Mark

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