Sunday, February 8, 2015

Just Made It

Flying out of St. John's, Newfoundland
I don't tend to be a pushy guy. I avoid lines, I don't wait in them and if I have too I don't push my way forward. Don't be an ass is my thinking.

Recently one morning, being an ass was in order. My flight from Vancouver to Toronto was delayed due to a late plane and then a late crew coming from another late plane.

We left 40 mins late. On landing, with deboarding and standing in the back with 65 rows in front of me, 7 seats wide, my 65 minute layover was evaporating fast. My bag was on the other side of the plane in an overhead compartment. I have to catch a flight in 25 minutes and time is counting down.

So I started butting line until someone decided their connection an hour later was more important than mine leaving in now 20 minutes. Finally, I get out after what feels like an eternity.

10 minutes to doors close and I am fighting my way up the ramp to find out where my connecting gate is. It's not far and I start running. You know you are in trouble when they say Mister Thistle as you run up to the gate. "Yes. Been waiting long?"

"Yes, sir." She radios down that I am here and I sprint to the plane. The doors close behind me.

If I had not pushed trough 20 rows until I got luggage blocked I might have missed the flight.

I was an ass that day as I pushed past people with their problems and worries that I know were as important to them as mine was to me. I pushed past because I was rushing home to my Nan's funeral to be by my Mom's side and pay my respects.

The next time someone asks to skip past, maybe they aren't being an ass.

Maybe they have something a little heavier they are rushing towards.

Lighten up.

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