Wednesday, January 28, 2015

NSNorth 2015 - I'm In!

I'll be passing through Ottawa this April 10-12, 2015 on my way to the NSNorth 2015 conference. NSNorth is an independent developer conference for developers and designers of Apple platforms. As well, it is run by two friends of mine, Philipe Casgrain and Dan Byers.

This year the conference is at the Fairmont Le Ch√Ęteau Montebello, Quebec. A beautiful setting to talk about code and somewhere I never visited, while I lived in Ottawa.

The list of speakers is varied and I am excited to hear their sessions.

Someone at work asked me why I would pay to do this? Well, why do people go to ComicCons? Sporting Events? Concerts?

Coding is something I love, so sharing my enthusiasm with like minded people is as good a reason as any to go :-)

I plan to do a Blitz Talk while I am there, topic yet to be decided.

Ok, back to coding...

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