Monday, June 6, 2016

Sun Top Recon

I decided to head out to the Sun Top trail, near the Dalles Campground in Rainer Park. My goal was to do a recon ride on Saturday night to find the trail head at the top of the mountain and get some photos of sunset from the top of the mountain.

Unfortunately, I did not get to reach the top since the road became increasingly more blocked by fallen trees and the snow cover was increasing. The snow is usually gone by the end of May but I thought it would be worth seeing if it was already gone.

Given that the top of the mountain peak and trailhead road was still not cleared I figured that the mountain bike trail would have a similar issue. That as well as the snow cover on the exposed road made be think the trails would still have snow given the fact it is in the woods with more coverage.

So, my plan to ride the trail on Sunday morning was put on hold and this ride became a recon ride. On the plus side, the climb was not difficult but it was long and steady. Here are the stats from Strava:

Of course, I also got some footage from the ride. Here are some highlights of going too fast down the mountain on the return. As well, you might see some Elk if you have good eyes and watch high res.

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