Sunday, May 4, 2008

20 Mile Wall

I still have not gotten past the 20 mile wall.

16.6 miles and leg locked up again.

Turned and walked (ran a little) back to car for total of 19.25 miles today.

Overall pace 10:12/mile (with a must faster pace on the first 14 miles, slower running on the next 2.6 until I mostly walked the last 3).

Here's hoping the taper, extra yoga, stretching, and pool running will have me ready for race day.


Scott Parsons said...

Pool running! You even do pool running? Ok, the average Joe don't do pool running to prepare for a marathon. Forget about any worries about not finishing, you'll do fine.

MT said...

Hey, if it is good for the pros it is good for the joes.