Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Heat...Give Me Heat

Ok, so today I had my first of 4 ART visits before the race. Dr. Geoff (as he is called by many) went to work on my calfs and found a couple big scar tissue areas. My right calf was super tight and he found a BIG knot in that group of muscles.

Dr. Geoff started in on my calf and after some good digging into the muscle he struck gold. What type of gold? Well, my calf cramped up like when I run and the pain I experience when I run was on me strong.

It's crazy, when he hits the spot, the power of the knot being worked out can break you out in a sweat. At least that's what happened to me. Let's just say, it was intense.

Last night was 30 minutes in the sauna with lots of stretching using a long belt (old karate belt) over my foot. With my leg in the air while lying on my back I use the belt to get better leverage to really stretch out the hamstrings and calf muscles. Tonight, was more heat and more stretching.

The calfs are tender where Dr. Geoff worked on them but I am hoping that with his work, my stretching, and yoga I will be able to work out the knot and stretch my calfs. Not to mention my daily use of The Stick to help rolling pin out the knots as best I can.

Here's to more more heat tomorrow night to help get my stretch on.

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