Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Recovering is going well.  We started the recovery immediately after the race with some sports drinks for electrolyte replenishment, some food including chips to get back some of the salt we lost, some YoPro Ice-Cream (check this stuff out, ice-cream with the nutrition requirements of athletes taken into account), and lots of rest.

Yesterday there was a lot of hobbling but today Scott and I are both doing excellent.  Sitting for a long time leads to some stiffness which is usually gone after a little bit of movement.  Additionally, I am doing some stretching to limber up the muscles.

Both of us have a few sore spots that will take a little longer to recover.  Like my left knee which is still weak/sore, my right foot (arches) which are sore/tired, and Scott's knees which are a little sore.

Overall though, we are pleased with our performance, pleased with the recovery, and the fact that we did so much better than we thought possible given our state going into the race (we had both missed some large blocks of training due to illness and we both dealing with injuries).

Now we are talking about what will be next.

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