Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Swimming We Will Go....

I bought a 3 month pass for swimming and am on track to get my money's worth. Paying by each session is $4.10/adult. For three months, unlimited indoor or outdoor swimming (minus special swims like the wave pool), it is $75. At that rate I only need to go 19 times to break even. That is easy since I've gone 5 times since I got my pass.

Ok, now for totally awesome toys. I used to be the gadget man, with lots of new toys but this one I think I am not leading the pack with, by any means. I bought a waterproof case and headphones for my Nano and tried it out today. It is totally awesome to be doing lane swim and getting to listen to tunes. I bought the H2O Audio system and it works awesome. Check them out at

If you swim a lot and love to listen to music then you need to check their products out. Man, I need a sponsorship ;-)

The funniest thing while trying them today was that I was listening to Techno music from and one of the songs had a pinging in it like from a submarine. I found that ironic.

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