Monday, July 14, 2008

Kicking It

The good: swimming is coming along well. Overall time is decreasing for distance covered.

The bad: after extra rest my left knee is still bothering me during my runs.

It gets a little disconcerting to have so many different injuries; one after another. At least I love swimming and biking, meaning I can continue to use those to keep up the fitness while I go easy on the knee.

On a different train of thought, our second child is still waiting to join us. Due date was a week ago. So, every day is a day which the chance of seeing my new son is higher than the last ;-)


Scott Parsons said...

Your children aren't going to know what you look like, cause you are always moving! It's great that you are keeping up the exercise.

I've been wondering when the baby is on the way. Very exciting times.

MT said...

Still no baby.

Things are progressing and I should have news on that front either tomorrow or shortly after.

Hey, if we don't change our habits in this generation and start moving more, we can't expect the next generation to do any better. Hence, I do exercise for my own enjoyment and a side shoot of that, I hope, will be to instill a love of exercise/fun in my kids ;-)