Thursday, January 8, 2009

Repeat of 2008?

So far, this winter and this year is shaping up to be a repeat of last year. How is that? Well, I had a nasty cold in early December, another cold at the start of Christmas vacation which lasted a week, and to top it off, I have been suffering, what I thought was a flu, this week.

How did the week begin? Saturday was a very low in energy day as was Sunday, then Sunday evening I started to get as sore throat and fever. The fever turned into 102 degrees with Advil (at one point early Monday morning) and then started alternating between a wicked fever and then cold sweats.

So, since Sunday I have been fighting the recurring fever/cold sweat. I figured, ahh this is a flu, ride it out for 3 days and see how I feel. Well, today I went to the Doctor and he looks at me, listens to me try to talk, and before looking in my mouth says "You have Tonsillitis." He then checks my throat and sure enough (something I should have looked at in the mirror) there are white globs (puss for the non-squeamish) on the back of my throat.

A prescription of antibiotics and I am now (hopefully) on the road to recovery. I am hoping that my throat starts to feel better tomorrow sometime. I can't sleep because my throat gets so sore. I basically lie in a heap and pass out between small hacking fits. Then the fever and chills kick in.

So, as with last years multiple colds in the winter, the year is starting the same.

And I have a physical scheduled for tomorrow which the Doctor thought would be fine to do given he knows my normal pitiful state.

I really want to run and each time I start to feel a little better I think, ok if this keeps up for another hour then I am going for a run. Feeling good sometimes lasts about 15-30 mins before another fever hits.

Anyways, I am rambling along here (since talking out loud hurts most of the time) but I am not deterred. Once my body starts to right itself I will be out pounding the pavement again.

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Scott Parsons said...

I was very sick before xmas as well but anticipated the 10 day flu and went to the doctor the first day to get antibiotics. I also managed to avoid the post-xmas flu, due to successfully fighting off the nurses coming around with their cart-o-flu-shots.