Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Review of Programming the iPhone User Experience

Originally submitted at O'Reilly

This practical book provides you with a hands-on, example-driven tour of Apple's user interface toolkit, UIKit, and some common design patterns for creating gestural interfaces and multi-touch navigation for the iPhone and iPod Touch. You'll learn how to build applications with Apple's ...

Lief Motif: Think Design First

By mthistle from Ottawa, ON, Canada on 10/15/2009


4out of 5

Pros: Good for beginners, Accurate, Easy to understand, Helpful examples

Cons: Lots of beginner info

Best Uses: Student, Intermediate, Novice

Describe Yourself: Designer, Maker, Developer

Summary of my favorite chapters in order of most useful:

Chapter 9: UX Anti-Patterns - the first chapter I read and the best one for a lot of good tips on how not to develop your UX. Every iPhone developer should read this chapter. I will reread this chapter occasionally to keep UX issues fresh in my mind.
Chapter 5: Cooperative Single-Tasking - for someone coming from an enterprise and server applications UNIX background, this chapter was an excellent discussion on how the iPhone environment is akin to a web based environment where each app is like a web-page. You can even (as most devs would know) pass control between apps using the iPhone SDK's Custom URLs. This also had a good discussion on launching quickly, handling standard interruptions, etc. I will revisit this chapter.
Chapter 8: Progressive Enhancement - This is a good overview of some of the sexier features you might want to drop into an app. Sound, location awareness, networking, etc. The coverage raises lots of questions for you to think about and has some good lists of things to think about like how will your app handle a lack of location awareness if the user has turned off location awareness or says no to the prompt to use location awareness in your app? How will you handle sound and sound effects in your app if you use them? How will you deal with incoming calls and sound? Lots of good things to think about if you touch on any of these features in your app.


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