Thursday, November 19, 2009

iPhone User Experience + UIWebView

Beta and UX testing has given me a couple things to work on:
  • Bugs
  • UX
  • More bugs
Ok, the bugs are mostly found by me. The UX issues are things that people have mentioned when the use the app (UX=User Experience).

The first thing I do when I show someone the app for the first time is ask them to tell me the first things that come to mind about the usability. So far I've gotten 3 biggies that are worth investigating:
  1. Live feeds of information pertaining to the app so the user can drop that information into a tweet instantly without having to look it up or type it. Good one and something I will consider for a future release since sourcing the life feeds I would need will take time to build since I have not found anything with the information that the user thought would be most valuable.
  2. Customized tweet strings or tweet templates we will call it. Great idea and good for a future release.
  3. Last but not least; one tester pointed out I should really make signup for a Twitter account as easy as possible for a user that does not have an account. Good point, this should go into release 1 I think.
So, I thought let's add a UIWebView for the Twitter signup page. Adding the UIWebView was easy so I dropped it in immediately so the user can navigate to the Twitter Signup page within my app and quickly create an account.

Now, if I could just nail down the last of those bugs. Currently I have some unhappy plists which I am using to store cached webservice data between runs of the app. Off to track those down now.

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