Monday, July 21, 2014

Sometimes You Just Have To Get Your Hands Dirty

Hockey Tweet in Landscape iPhone 4s (Landscape
was not in the original)
I have dropped off the radar for a bit as I have been busy with some projects. I took a week off from everything but code as I worked on porting my old 2009 Hockey Tweet app to Swift. I have written about that and will some more as I have major updates.

I was also studying for some interviews I had. One was an all day affair with a 7 hour interview that included a 2 hour pair coding session. We are still talking and no news yet to report on the job.

Outside of that I have been ramping up house work. For several reasons, I might have to sell my house (job), the house needs a new paint job, the deck needs a new paint job (or I will be replacing sooner rather than later), and of course I have all the prep work to do (caulking, 15 tubes Sunday) to even begin to paint.  Sunday I got a solid 8 hours in of caulking and then painting.

I started the painting so that I can begin alternating between caulking and painting. Since they use the hand and arm muscles differently, once I get tired with one I can switch to the other for a while. I also have over half of the house caulked now and wanted to get the front of the house completed. I figure I can do the front first and then continue the back of the house into the fall. Since you won't see if, you won't notice it is half/not done.

So, it's been a week of getting dirty. Dirty with new code as I learn to program in Swift. Dirty with house work.

Now some may ask, why not pay someone to paint your house? Heck, I wish. But at a $25,000 average quote to paint the house including prep work (some would not include prep since the amount of caulking was so daunting); I am sucking it up and being a man (frugal).

This just means I might have less posts for a while since how many blog posts can you do about painting you house? Who knows, but I am sure we will find out ;-)

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