Monday, July 14, 2014

Swift Websites of Note: July 14, 2014

While porting HockeyTweet 2009 from Ojective-C to HockeyTweet 2014 in Swift I have been doing lots of Swift reading. Here are some of the sites I have come across of interest in the past week.

Airspeed Velocity's name is a play on the Monty Python joke about the airspeed velocity of a swallow. The site is an in-depth look into areas of the Swift language. Very good deep dives here if you want to go below the surface of Swift to read about how to get your hands real dirty with the languages nooks and crannies so far.

Of course I have to mention the official Swift Blog from Apple. It is nice to see Apple opening up and finding more ways to reach developers. I think this is needed if they want to get widespread buy-in with the new language and it is certainly appreciated. I look forward to good information coming from this blog.

Not a new site by any means and widely known throughout the iOS/Mac world is Brent Simmons. Brent has decided to jump on board with Swift so he can provide feedback to Apple as he learns the language. Check out his blog, inessential, for current posts on Swift as he shares what he has learned with it.

Those are 3 of the blogs I have been reading this week as I work with Swift.

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