Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Abundance Demands Creativity

Today, Apple unleashed an abundance of new hardware and software upon us. Where to start?
The iPad Family, Image: Apple

The key to abundance is meeting limited circumstances with unlimited thoughts.
Marianne Williamson

There are few times we are at the intersection of new technology and new APIs that allow us to expand our customer base, but that is where we stand today.

Unlike my previous post on Constraints Give Focus today can feel overwhelming. Where do I start? What should I learn? Should I invest in the new iPad Pro and it's user interaction models? Should I build for the tvOS and the new Apple TV?

For most of us, time is limited and we do not have deep pockets like the big players to let us tackle the numerous ideas we come up with.

So in times like this we need to get creative with the abundance that has been put upon us and figure out new ways to leverage that abundance.

For me, I am considering the following:

  • Which apps do I have in a finished or near finished state that I can leverage on one of these new platforms?
  • Does the app deserve to be on the platform?
  • Would the user get delight from using a tvOS app or a larger iPad Pro version?
  • What features should I expose with the new Force Touch?
  • Can I leverage the platform to gain increased income without giving away my effort for free?
My time is limited. I need to come up with creative solutions in this time of abundance (tvOS, iPad Pro, Pencil, Force Touch) but constrain my ideas to the ones that are unique to the circumstances (Focus on tvOS for example, or the gold rush as it is called).

How are you dealing with the abundance from the September 2015 Apple event?

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