Sunday, September 13, 2015

Paddle Mate V 1.0: Just Ship It Release

Past Workout (WAKE) view on the main DOCK view.
I have a couple irons in the fire at the moment which have me spread thin.
  • I'm working on a new site which I will write more about shortly (it is still baking and is not ready for prime time yet).
  • Various home projects.
  • I signed up for a Half Marathon at the end of October and have been ramping up training.
  • Fixed a bug in Selfie Band and shipped the update.
  • I have been finishing up Paddle Mate's first release.
Paddle Mate, the Just Ship It Release, has gotten some well deserved attention the past few days.

I had a couple half baked features and did some triage on those. I decided to move them out into future releases and in the process created a RoadMap. With the RoadMap I have a defined ongoing plan with a focus for each upcoming release.

I just finished off validating that the app works with/without a Microsoft Band attached. Without the Band the experience is not as rich but I am planning to support a richer experience for non-band users over time.

Paddle Mate is now down to 2 gating bugs that I am working on today. In developer lingo, gating means that the product can not pass the release gate to customers until those bugs are fixed.

I have one tester who is out today in this rain that has been testing. Once I get a handle on one of the bugs I will be going out for another test kayak.

The other bug is in the past workout view, I have a handle on the problem and will tackle that later today.

This boat still can't launch when that is all done. My list of tasks after I fix these bugs include:
  • Verify I have no more gating bugs.
  • Write launch page.
  • Write marketing page.
  • Write Privacy Policy for app.
  • Record App Preview
So, with about 1 hour to go in today's dev window I need to get back to getting this app shipped.

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