Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Cost of a Marathon

What is the cost of a Marathon? Well there are a few:

  • $150 - Sneakers
  • $40 - Tech Shirt or free from a previous event
  • $20 - Tech Socks
  • $30 - Tech Shorts
  • $75 - Entry
  • 16 Weeks of training (you figure out how much about that costs you. Maybe I will add the hours total I have run to my sidebar.)
  • $25 - 20 Power Gels x $1.25 each for those long runs
  • $30 - Water bottle and holder, or free if you can score one from another event
  • Several Toenails

Ok the last one was for fun and the real reason for the post. My Big Toe on my right foot started to ache something fierce after a run the other day. I had to take something to take the edge off the pain so I could sleep. The next day it was down to a dull ache and now feels ok.

I have heard many friends tell me that they have lost toenails from training/running marathons and I figure that this nail is toast. It has had a split down the middle since last year that I have tried to salvage by using clear toenail polish. This year with the additional miles I figure I will put in for the Marathon training and the 1000 km challenge I figure it is a goner.

So how much does a marathon cost? When the challenge calls you, you don't care. There is only one outcome that you will settle for, conquering the big M.


Scott Parsons said...

For your toe injury...take a look at callus buildup. You may need to file it down. yuk :P Or sometimes you get blisters under your toenail that need to be drained. double yuk.

Ken said...

20 gels @ $2 each is $40 dude ;)

When my toenails go bad from running I just tape them. That usually keeps the broken nail intact/in place until the new one can get a good start.

Tape, it's not just for over worked joints!

MT said...

Doh! Blame it on a lack of brain cells after cold runs outside.

I was researching gels tonight; looks like he cheapest by the individual portion size is $1.25 at MEC. Heading out to get some more this weekend.