Saturday, February 23, 2008

Madtrapper 10km Snowshoe Race

The last race of the season for the Madtrapper Snowshoe Race Series was today. Ken and I were there and did the 10km loop which consisted of the 5km flat (ok flatter than the second half, let's call this the hilly 5km) and then the 5 km hilly course (ok let's call this "Oh My God Can There Be Any More Hills to Climb In Quebec?").

The race went better than the last two for both of us. Ken had a great race and came in about 5 mins before me. I again was the last person on the course. I got a t-shirt which I am calling my award for "Man Who Spent the Most Time On The Course." Remember it is not how far you run, it is how long you ran.

Well, there were only like 20-30 people so we figure we are in the top 30 people of Eastern Ontario/Western Quebec. What, there has to be like 2 million in this region as least. Those are some high rankings ;-)

Here are some snaps:


Scott Parsons said...

Very cool. Would love to try that.

Ken said...

It's lots of fun. I found the first one when I only did 5k to be the hardest. Not knowing what to expect I had just done some regular running to tune up and that was not enough. By this third race I had done some extra targeted training and I found it helped a lot.

I have no idea how Mark survived doing the whole 10k the first time out...

MT said...

By willpower and I had already been running since November.

It was painful and cold on the second half, but by the time I wanted to quit it was too late and I was beyond the half way point.