Thursday, February 21, 2008

Slow Week

Been sick this week with a flu. I figured it was a cold but after some research and the symptoms Michele and I figure it is a flu. Headaches, aches, tired, always being thirsty, and stomach upset, along with a lack of appetite.

That said, I got one run in on Monday, the day I really started to come down with it.

After reading my coach, Rick Hellard for the CBC Gotta Run special, updates for his Rock and Ice Ultra running event, I want to go run now.

I think I will just rest though. I have a snowshoe race on Saturday, if I feel like this I am doing the 5km loop, else if I am doing better I will be running the 10km.

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Scott Parsons said...

a quote from Rick..."I’ve been looking for the tough conditions to go out and train in. I want windy, cold and a snow storm." ..." but what do I get? A bright, sunny, basically windless, minus 20 degree day"

Tell him we have the perfect weather conditions here for him and we'll have them still while he is enjoying his tulip festival.