Sunday, November 23, 2008

100 Klicks Left

That's right, 5.5 weeks left in the year and 100 km left to complete my 1000 km in 2008.

To help get to the end I've got some new music, I am charged up and I plan to kick out enough klicks the next 4 weeks to take 1.5 weeks off (ok maybe a couple easy runs) around Christmas. So, only 25 km/week for 4 weeks. Nothing too it.

With the forecasts calling for a mild week this week I am planning to pump up the distance this week and try to nail 35 km this week. 6km Mon, Tues; 8 km Wed (or Thursday if I meet up for a run with Hiker Man); 5km Fri; 10km Sun. That is this weeks goal.

And if we get the snow they are calling for I am prepared. I bought some short active gaiters for winter sports that will keep most of the snow out of my sneakers. I am looking into getting something that I can spare/coat/immerse a pair of sneakers in to make them winterized. That or possibly invest in a pair of winter running shoes if I can find something with extra support for my over-pronation.

Onto the final miles for 2008.

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Phurious George said...

Gore tex socks. You can get them at MEC, wear a set of ultimax sock liners inside. I`m just sayin`it works for me.