Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bright Spot

As I was preparing for my run today I could not get a signal from my Nike+ foot chip. This chip sends stride info to my iPod which calculates my speed, distance, calories, and time for each run.

After running many miles near the house I knew a 10km run which I did. So the bright spot? I ran a chip down, which should last about 1000miles. I have had this chip for about that long (2 years). So time for a new chip and time to put another 1000miles into it.

I also had to buy a new set of sneakers last week. My old ones had over 700km on them. I was also ending my runs with pains in knees, ankles, and everywhere in between and then some. So it was time.

I am holding off on a second set for alternating until I can find a good winter solution, be it winterize a summer pair or buy a winter runner (which the reviews I have read seem to translate the "winter" marketing tagline into, meant for running in -2 Celsius, with some rain; not the -20 Celsius in snowdrifts, ice, slush, and additional Canadian winter conditions).

I am thinking that for next year I will keep a pair of sneakers at work for treadmill work outs on bad days. As well, I will keep my winterized shoes for home on the days that I plan to run outside.

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Phurious George said...

Vibram Five fingers for the treadmill. I`m up to 5km now without significant foot discomfort and I really feel it`s strengthening my stabilizing muscles.

but wear a geeky (not cool geeky) t-shirt so people won`t pester you about your weird shoes.